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Hello there! New here.

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I'm reposting the intro I made on a separate account after having some problems getting verified. Anyways, this is the username I will be using!

As I said in a separate post:

I'm in the process of building a plan for a small distillery in Western NY. My partner and I have been long time whiskey drinkers and hope to build our own characterful spirits that would please us, and others!

I'd like to say that, up till now, this community has been a priceless resource while we plan out our operation! I can't wait to contribute and grow as an organization, no doubt, with the help of those here at ADI.

A little bit about myself: I come from a biochemistry background, having worked for the past 5 years in a histology laboratory. The more I got into whiskey as a hobby, the more I was able to see myself building similar spirits as the venerable offerings we adore. My partner and I hatched the initial idea for a small distillery in our backyard last fall, and we've been pouring our free time and exerting huge efforts into getting our ducks in a row.

Thank you to all for making this such a great place.

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