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Another distillery explosion

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Hey all,

Sorry to bring another story of an incident at a distillery.

This time the incident appears to be in San Antonio, TX at Azar Distilling, LLC or http://www.cincovodka.com/Home.aspx

Article from http://www.ksat.com/content/pns/ksat/news/2014/10/24/explosion-sparks-fire-at-vodka-distillery.html

Not much info other than the wall of the building was blown off and the operator was blown through the wall. I truly hope everyone is ok.

I would ask if anyone knows the group at Azar if they would be willing to share more information about the incident, especially as it relates to what happened and to distillery safety in general.

However, I will say, regardless of how the incident occurred, our industry just had another serious accident that seems to have dodged a bullet in killing someone. How many more bullets is our industry going to have to dodge before someone dies?

Safety, safety, safety.



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