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Common Labeling errors...


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Wondering if there are common errors that result in needing to resubmit labels for approval? We're getting ready to submit our Vodka label (our first product) and would love to avoid any delays if possible.

Thank you - hoping your answers are helpful to others as well...


Durango Craft Spirits

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Here is an industry circular from the TTB, which lists common errors:


Also, take a look at the mandatory labeling requirements in the Beverage Alcohol Manual (BAM). Keep in mind, the BAM is from 2007, and is not entirely up-to-date. Always double check the CFR. Here is the BAM, and the CFR parts most relevant to labeling approval. Feel free to PM me with specific questions.

Mandatory Labeling Requirements from the BAM

27 CFR Part 5, Labeling and advertising of Distilled Spirits

27 CFR Part 16 , Alcoholic Beverage Health Warning Statement



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Just an fyi... if your first attempt is rejected the TTB will give you the reasons. You do not go to the end of the line when you resubmit the changes. In our experience it is relatively quick to get the changes reviewed. It's waiting for the first review that seems to take a long time.

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