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Business credit card ?


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I haven't looked into it for business, but if you have aCcostco near you the AMEX program is pretty damn good. The costco near us is typically 20 cents cheaper on gas than other stations, I think we get 3% back on gas, 2% back on travel and 1% back on everything else. (I may be wrong on the spread). We also get one or two rebates each year for in-store purchases which results in a few hundred dollars which can be converted to cash at member services.

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Do a bit or research of sites like

Bestrate.com or Nerdwallet.com You can search best business credit cards and rating sites will abound. I would take some serious time to assess reward cards. They almost always have interest rates which far outweigh the rewards against getting a no rewards card with a lower interest rate. You just have to decide which is more important. If you know you will be paying off your balance in full each month, then go for the ones with great rewards, especially the ones who give flight miles. Travel the world on your grain orders, sounds good to me. You may want to talk about it with your bank as well.

Good luck in your search.


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