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Consulting Services to the Craft Distilling Industry


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Due to great industry demand, a master distiller ~ distillery manager ~ stillsmith who produces spirits at two Washington distilleries now offers consulting services on a project duration or hourly basis:

* Graduate Diploma of Distilling (Distinction) from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling; London, England, UK

* Certificate in Distillation Science from Ethanol Technology Institute; Milwaukie, Wisconsin, USA

* Factory training from Arnold Holstein GmbH; Markdorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Please contact The Travelling Stillsmith, Berle W Figgins, Jr, if you are interested in a complimentary assessment of your craft distillery plans. By electronic mail, the address is bwfiggins@gmail.com.

Still design and construction, process engineering and control, product development and branding are all areas of particular expertise.

If expert advice is what you need, then confidentiality is guaranteed! Contact The Travelling Stillsmith today!

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A traveling distiller is needed!!

Bill Owens

Thank you for the encouragement, Bill!

I have given in to the pressure, and I have signed four new clients in the past four weeks.

With the ADI's help and good wishes, I am just trying to spread the good word about high-quality spirits production, and foster new growth amongst our ranks!

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