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HI Guys,

Just thought I'd share a product line that I've been working on for the last several years and have just recently brought to market. These small format HDPE tanks are very durable and will fill the needs of a distiller for use for storing feints, foreshots and tails, as well as an intermediate tank to hold your good stuff until ready to bottle. They will also serve as small fermenters if you're working out some small batch recipes.

We've called them IntelliTanks and they have a lot of features that you may find useful in your ventures. You can find more information and accessories at www.catalyst-manufacturing.com. I hope you might find this bit of information useful.



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Thanks, Sam. All of the fittings on these are 304 grade stainless steel and use the tri-clover sanitary system for attaching myriad numbers of fittings, both top and bottom. A thermowell could certainly be adapted to them, I'm sure.

Regarding handles, yes they have threaded inserts on the back top that will allow handles to be attached. The handles will be 5" wide, made of stainless steel. They are currently in production and will be available in about a month for sale. We decided on 5" wide so that the handle can slide over the fork of a fork lift to move several around at a time. And they have been designed and tested to handle the weight of a full tank.


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