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Napa Valley Distillery, the original and first distillery in the City of Napa since Prohibition, is expanding! We’re looking for a knowledgeable and experienced professional full-time (or possibly part-time to start) LEAD DISTILLER & SPIRITS MAKER to join our crew in our new 9000 square foot production facility in early-mid 2015!

This position would require you to move to the Napa Valley area sometime in the next several months. This is a lead position with our company so you'll need to show us that you're really serious about your craft and career. This is a great opportunity for a knowledgeable and experienced distiller/spirits maker looking for a change or an assistant distiller looking to move up into a “managerial” position with lots of creative control. You will work and live in a fantastic part of the country and be part of a dynamic and growing, family-owned and operated organization with a proven track record spanning nearly 6 years. We operate the only stand-alone distilled spirits tasting room in California and are the only distillery located within Napa's city limits.

We offer a fun, friendly, family-like, respectful, professional and focused work environment with lots of future opportunity. You will report and work directly with the owner. Please review the requirements below and contact us!

1) Personality – Funny, witty and enjoy sharing your passion and enthusiasm for distilled spirits, cocktails and the art and craft of distilled spirits making with visitors from all over the world.

2) General Skills – You need to be creative and bold. Be different. We do things outside the box at Napa Valley Distillery. We create products that most distilleries won’t. We’d like our new distiller to be on that same wavelength. Our new distiller will have the creative freedom to explore but should also have the discipline and skill to keep things consistent. We’re looking for someone fearless with a GREAT PALATE and understanding of flavor! Expert level knowledge and experience related to fermentation, distilling, filtration, aging, blending and basically all aspects of spirits making required. Brewing and winemaking knowledge is a huge PLUS! A general understanding of TTB rules, regulations, formulations, COLAS and compliance requirements is very helpful.

3) Technical Skills – You don’t have to be a lab nerd, although that wouldn’t hurt. What we’re looking for is someone who understands the science behind the craft as well as a strong understanding of equipment, tools, and other processes. Basically, you need to know the software and hardware of craft-spirits making.

4) Be Handy – Things break. Those things need repair. That’s where you come in. “Some Assembly Required” should be three of your favorite words. We see cuts and bruises on your hands as a badge of honor. We’re very unconventional in just about everything we do and so, we’ve been accused of among other things, as being unorthodox. You need to know how and be willing to improvise…. Almost all the time!

5) Commitment – This is not a 9-5 job. If we need to run the stills past midnight for 7 straight days, then we expect you to be at the helm the whole way. For this particular position you need to love, love, love your job. Your commitment, passion, expertise and positive results will not go unnoticed. Sharing and acknowledging hard work and success is part of our company culture.

Please send inquires or resumes including any accomplishments with your salary requirements and availability to:

Arthur Hartunian – cs@napadistillery.com or call us at (707) 265-6272. Visit us at napadistillery.com

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