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Chaff in grain...what's the tolerance?


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I'm in the process of building a relationship with our local farmer and they gave us a 30 lb bag of rye as a sample. It would be the primary ingredient for our rye whiskey. Going through the grain, there appears to be excess chaff and other foreign organic matter/dirt. Its not excessive, but I'm curious what everyone's tolerances are with grain shipments directly from the farmers. Should I be requesting them to clean it better or should we mark it up as character building to the spirits?

It hasn't been milled yet.

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We have some tolerance here, our rye especially seems to have more "foreign" matter in it, but is a smaller portion of our grain bill. From what I've learned about the farmers cleaning the grain up is that they will lose some every time which depending on the farmer could drive the cost of grain up.

I've requested as clean as possible and pretty much get that every time now, if they want to work with you I'm sure they will

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It really depends on what grade grain you are buying, or selling as the case may be. Typicial specs most people buy on are US #2 and in #2 grain there is a certain percent of dockage allowed. If there is more it is subtracted from the weight. There an be and usually are discounts for moisture, light test weight, FM, damage and other factors. In addition these days Falling number and assorted toxins are a factor.

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