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CCR Engineering bar top installer

Dehner Distillery

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I just wanted to let everybody know that I recently purchased a CCR engineering bar top installer.

I got the optional cork vibrator to help the court slide down the ramp. This really only as needed if you get full rubberized corks. The ones I was using were a good solid TAPI wood cork.

I could not even imagine installing these corks by hand or with a mallet. I bought this machine for contract bottling job where we had to do three pallets all at once. And this installer was unbelievably awesome. The folks at CCR were super nice, and very very helpful to me. I would highly recommend them for any of their machines that they sell. There are extremely well-built and heavy duty.

I understand some people may think that something like this is unnecessary or maybe even expensive, but when you really think about it if they can make you far superior in speed and consistent in applying the cork, it is well worth it and a timesaver for sure. It's not hard to make your money your money back on this device.

Joe Dehner


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Thanks a lot Joe, we are glad to hear it!

We are going to offer a discount for the Holiday Season, 5% off any of our equipment from now through January and 10% off our manual corker, Model C. Just mention the ADI forums when you contact us.

If anyone is interested, please take a look at our website. Here is a link to our product page.


Check out our Bottle Cleaning Machine. It saves time and money by breaking the static bond between new bottles and particulate (dust, packaging, ect.) with a blast of ionized, compressed air. You no longer will need to wash your new bottles. Take your bottles out of the box, quickly place them on our machine for cleaning, and they are ready to be filled.

Check this video of the bottle cleaner in action

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