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Problems with "in-stock-bottles" volume control

Lucidi Distilling Co

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While it would be ideal for me, both from a marketing angle and financially speaking, I would prefer to have a custom bottle made per my design. I don't mind the minimum quantity of 50,000 bottles either from a cost perspective, but I do have a lack of storage space at this time. I assume that is about 2.5 shipping containers for what I have been quoted. So on to my point:

I have been shopping 4 different bottle suppliers in the 750mL range only, and all of the pricing has been fairly the same, with obvious differences in shipping and freight based on where they are shipping from and where I am located. ALL of them have been acceptable ranges of customer service, and all of them have sent me samples. What was odd to me at first was a visual difference in sizing when they were all lined up (same general design). I then noticed that some had a much thicker glass bottom than the others, and decided to test the volume they could hold (bottle names of suppliers eliminated - not trying to flame anyone here):

Bottle #1 - 787mL (to the brim)

Bottle #2 - 791mL (to the brim)

Bottle #3 - 789mL (to the brim)

Bottle #4 - 818mL (to the brim)

Obviously I need space for a cork (bartop configuration). What I fear is the lack of consistency. I am not concerned with my filler being wildly off, but I do feel like this will change my label design, insofar that I'm now thinking of covering the neck of the bottle with an additional label to hide any inconsistencies from bottle to bottle.

Has anyone else had these concerns?

On average for you "bottle experts" out there, what is an acceptable amount of differences in either a "%" or a "range" from bottle to bottle?


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All bottles require head space so not just the room for a cork but air space to allow the liquid inside to expand and contract a little.

Check the drawings for fill height and you will see the intended liquid height for that design and manufacturer.

Then when you fill you will set your filler by volume or fill height. That should be very consistent at 750ml.

Look at the BAM or CFR for container size allowances if you are concerned.

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Your post makes it sounds like you plan to purchase from all four suppliers of this style bottle; otherwise why would you care about the variance between suppliers? Perhaps since the visual of the fill level seems very important to you; you could test the variance of fill of four bottles from the same supplier.

I know my bottles (all from the same supplier) vary a lot on where the fill level hits. I think this is perhaps because they have a very large base/tick glass bottom.

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Don't worry about this, when you put order to your bottle supplier, tell them the distance from the top to the fill line you want, when they produce the bottles for you, they can control it even this is balance.

And one more thing, the bottle have thicker heavy glass bottom, it is better for us.

You know, the weight decide the prices!

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Hello Lucidi Distilling,

Could I ask you to retry your experiment this time putting only 750ml in each bottle. Then look at the bottle manufactures drawing for where they recommend the fill point should be and compare measurements. (Some manufactures might go as far as to give a fill point with the liquid to be at a specific temperature like ##mm 750ml at 20degree C. They should also state for each bottle a +- tolerance like +- 7ml for example.) The next question to ask is what closure was this bottle designed for ie. a bartop cork is a lot shorter than a 45mm wine cork.

I would be curious to hear after this evaluation if bottles 1, 2, 3, 4 are within the manufactures tolerances.

If you would like to talk further please send me an email or give me a call.



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The estimated percentage from the bottom of the cork to the the fill line should have 4% for the head space in the bottle. I would love to design you a custom bottle with minimums of 30,000 piece order American made bottles. I will also allow you to ship 5 pallests at a time and provide warehouse for the rest to ship as needed.

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Lucidi Distilling Co,
I was looking in the forum and noticed the issue you had with your bottles. I think I can help you to secure the quality you expect. There are to many details to type here but lets connect with email or by phone.
jph@heintzglobal.com 808-284-1038
There are many fine details to get what you want but talking the talk and knowing where to focus is how I can help.
Talk soon.

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