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What's the demand for 50 mL bottles?

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Check the law in every state. In Louisiana, 50ml can only be sold by the case, directly to airlines (and maybe cruise ships). Can't be sold at retail. So it makes no sense here at all. The state just legalized 100ml, so that's the smallest practical size here for now.

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I have people that handle my own products. They say what to do in each state. It is crazy the rules state to state. Lots to deal with.

But, there are a lot of people in other states that can have 50ml bottles. The problem is the bottlers of the 50ml bottles have huge mins. I had one company tell me they had to do 30,000 cases of 24 per case for a min order.

I am looking to bottle with ultra low mins. I will be selling the bottling service, bottles &caps, and even labels if need be.

I hope some day they will 50 ml for sale in your state. It is a good way to let people try your product and not spend lots of money.

Take Care.

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