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Location of Distillery related to residence


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I am purchasing just over 20 acres near Dallas, TX where my residence will be located and also a large barn where I'd love to start my distilling operation. In the CFR, it states shed, yard, etc is prohibited, but surely there has to be an exception for other farm based distilling operations out there. Could I deed over the barn and a couple acres to the LLC? Any thoughts on how to navigate this first hurdle?

Thank you very much!


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You don't have to deed it. Just lease it to the LLC. Save yourself the hasle and $ of subdividing. Read the reg again, as long as it is well separated your fine. Can't be attached. The more clearly separated the better. Also call the Ttb and describe your layout to them for a more definitive answer. Scrounge

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Don't know if you have one or not, but subdividing mortgaged properties can be a big challenge. It may require multiple mortgages or a restructure of the existing mortgage with cash-in to reflect the reduced collateral on the property that retained the residence.

Also check with your local zoning to understand if the subdivision/lease arrangement will be acceptable in your current zone. They may require you to seek additional variances if not.

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