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Good morning folks. Having become an avid fan of the ADI, I've been watching this forum for several months.

We are in process to develop our distillery in Aaronsburg PA. We hope to find kindred spirits here that will offer advise and services as we thread the many hurdles and obstacles we anticipate. We will be seeking services from consultants, engineers, attorneys, and product suppliers for at least the next several months, and probably years.

Thanks to the ADI community for centralizing the access to so many of these people through this forum.


Dick Griffin

Griffin Whiskey, CEO

PS, the pun wasn't intentional, but I liked it so much, I left it.

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Welcome, a Corning NY native here. If you need any assistance with your cooling system selection and budgets, give me a shout.

One cooling system being installed near Litchfield, CT and another near Poughkeepsie, NY which will cool both alcohol tanks for brewing and mash cooling for their distillery.


Mike Gronski


678-773-2794 c

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