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I am trying to get a realistic idea of what time and effort will be needed for accounting and paperwork for a 1500 case/yr startup . There are only 2 of us (with fulltime jobs on the side ;) and only so many hours in the day. We know our production times and have our first product worked out but have no clue on what paperwork / office time we need to budget our time for.What paperwork is needed daily/weekly and how much time is needed to complete it all?

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lots of paperwork, you should read all relevant passages in CFR 27. if you don't have time to do that, you don't have time to do the job. you will be doing paperwork every step of the way through production, to generate necessary record keeping. you will be doing paperwork every month for TTB, state, and local excise taxes. you will be keeping books, production and storage records, etc. I do most of the paperwork except the bookkeeping and the daily records by the distiller. If I add up all our hours, I am going to guess it is about 25 hours a week for the paperwork alone.

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