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Trident Stills 2014

Made in Maine

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Trident Stills has experienced many changes this year. We have built our own brand new shop... which turns out to be too small already because of the exploding demand of distillery equipment; which has also led to longer lead times, and hiring on more full time and part time help. We have had a lot of new contacts that have referenced our lead times and pricing from our previous post over a year ago. Depending on what you are looking for for equipment and what we already have lined up for work, we are anywhere from a 6 month lead time to a year or more. Whether you choose us or another vendor, lead times are increasing across the board. That means it is never to early to start researching equipment. Our prices have gone up marginally because of the increased price of stainless steel and copper. We are still very excited to hear about your dream to distill and want to help make that dream come true. We now also have an office manager, so quote requests and any questions are usually answered the same day. As we continue to install more equipment we will be updating the pictures on our website http://www.tridentstills.com. We would like to thank all of our distiller friends for their kind words on here and wish everyone a happy holiday and a spirit filled generous new year.

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