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5,000 Moonshine jug bottles for sale (750 ml)

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I have a full container coming of these bottles in March 2015.

However, we don't need a full container. That is a lot of money tied up in bottles.

I would like to sell about 5,000 to 10,000 of these bottles in March.

These are going to be in the port of Seattle.

If you are making moonshine or whiskey and these bottles work for you, please email me if you are interested.


750 ML Moonshine Jug with thumb handle


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The bottles will be arriving likely in late March or early April.

So I don't have samples yet to send to anyone.

I have received emails asking about samples to be shipped so potential buyers can verify that it fits their current product.

So I think I mentioned this bottle too early here on ADI forums.

It is perfectly understandable that someone cannot make a buying decision without a sample jug bottle in their hands.

As soon as I get these bottles in my hands, I will have single bottle samples available for review.

I have a list of people that have expressed interest. If you are also interested, just send me an email and I will respond and confirm adding you to the list.

These 750 ml classic moonshine jug bottles will be $1.35 each FOB Seattle or FOB New Jersey.

We will likely have them at both distillery locations.

We will regularly be ordering containers of these bottles, so there will be a regular supply coming in several times per year.

So pre-ordering will be helpful so that we can be bringing in enough quantity to meet our own needs for our spirits, plus supplying the bottles to those of you that want to also have it regularly available.

You can expect sample single bottles available in late March or early April.



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