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High End Labels


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Hi All --

We are looking for a high quality label printing company. We need hot foil stamping, high end paper and a print production manager that is attentive to detail. That said, we are trying to not pay at the top of the market either. We want the BMW of labels-- not the Lamborghini. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Many thanks in advance.

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Adams Label has been great for us. We have foil stamping and high quality paper. Not cheap, but I would say BMW priced. If you want a great label guy to manage it, I use Bill Owen of Owen Design (http://www.owendesign.com). He helped us execute a great label that won us a triple gold in packaging at MicroLiquor this year.

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There is always TAPP labels, though they may be leaning in the lamborghini direction you speak of, the work is quite decent. Their custom die costs are not too high, and they also have a number of special stocks, niche foils etc

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Hi Karl,

My name is Irene George with All American Label. We are printers of custom pressure sensitive labels and specialize in foil and emboss work. We also exhibit with ADI and will be in Kentucky for the next trade show.

I would like to send you samples of our work.

Please contact me: irene@allamericanlabel.net and send your mailing address. You will love what we do! We offer both digital printing and traditional flexo printing with NO minimum orders. I hope to hear from you soon!

Happy New Year to you,


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Depends on quantity you want to purchase at once (amongst other things).

If you buy 1,000 labels your cost per label is most likely going to be twice as much as if you buy 5,000. It requires a bit more up front but it could save a fortune over time.

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We just received our first shipment of labels from Scott Haggerty at Trysk (his email is shaggerty@tryskprintsolutions.com) and are STOKED. We've been working with him for several months, and he was always available when we needed him, and made the process fun and rewarding. We had an idea, but didn't quite have the knowledge to execute it, and he followed through with it and made it work. We couldn't be happier with the final product!

There is a very good chance that we will never work with a different label company now that we have had such a great experience with Scott!


Jackson Hole Still Works


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