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FDA - food facility registration renewal


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I am getting reminders to renew my food facility registration, but have been unable to get to a live person via the number they provide 301-575-015 (opt 3), I waited an hour and a half on hold, which is unacceptable. They do not respond to emails to furls@fda.gov (other than an automated acknowledgement that they got the email).

My password works for login, but the page redirect just hangs. I try an incorrect password and it informs me that I used an incorrect password, so my password works. I have tried several computers, 3 different browsers, allowed all pop-ups, cleared cache, etc...

Anyone else having issues renewing a food facility registration?


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I just got off the phone with the oregon dept of ag (that's who we report to state wise) and their advice is to register as a new business now and sometime next year reconcile it with the FDA when they aren't getting their butts kicked. Their advice was that at least you are registered vs not registering and saying 'but you guys didn't get back to us'. I'm going to take the Oregon DA advice.

Oregon DA did say that this reconcile thing happens all of the time because there are people that don't know if they are registered or not so they just create another account.

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OK, 1 hour 45 minutes on hold Monday at 8am... I was staying home that day, so I took a shower, got dressed, had coffee, all while on hold... I have to give thanks to the TTB, they at least answer the phone....

Problem resolved, it seems I used to be able to log in with my email and correct password, now I must log in with my userid (3 letters and 5 digits), the rep reset my password before I had a chance to stop her, but I am sure my old one would have worked if I was told to use the 3+5 instead of my email as the username.

so, look up your 3+5 userid, and give that a try....

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