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Mott Hill

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I'm having a little trouble with the standards of identity concerning residue brandy. From CFR Title 27:

(6) “Residue brandy” is brandy distilled wholly or in part from the fermented residue of fruit or wine, and shall be designated as “residue brandy” qualified by the name of the fruit from which derived. Brandy distilled wholly or in part from residue materials which conforms to any of the standards set forth in paragraphs (d) (1), (3), (4), and (5) of this section may, regardless of such fact, be designated “residue brandy”, but the use of such designation shall be conclusive, precluding any later change of designation.

(d) is from grapes, (1) is from fruit, (3) is from dried fruit , (4) is from lees and (5) is from pomace.

What else is there that might be called "residue"? And why would someone want to use such a designation if they had another option? It doesn't seem like that would market very well.

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Thanks, DR. I guess its just overlap in the standards.

I had a white brandy made from lees one time. The cuts were bad (too many heads, too few tails) so its hard to say what it could have been. The distillery was pretty new. Maybe they're doing better now.

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