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Can anyone recommend an affordable company with reasonably low (250-500) MOQ for small logo gift bags? We are looking for small gift bags for bottle and merchandise sales. Ideally, a source that sells bags suitable for 1 bottle (roughly 3.8 inches diameter circle) and two bottles (same bottle size). Nothing super high end - just a paper bag (brown, white or red) with our logo. We may eventually try some nicer fabric-type reusable grocery bags (for a price not free with bottle sales) but not an immediate need.

There are several companies online but we wanted to see if anyone had a company they could recommend.

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We want a more industrial look, so we buy kraft paper bags from U-Line, and we had rubber stamps made up, and use archival stamping ink to put our logos on the bags. Cashiers have no problem getting all the bags stamped during slow periods in the retail shop.

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Where did you get the stamp and ink? That would probably be a good look for us as well.

Just google, lots of choices. For ink, we use the Ranger Archival stamp pads and ink refills. We like their sepia, black does well too. The stamps from rubberstamps.net were reasonable, made from our custom artwork.

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