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More progress on the copper still…..


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Been busily working on this beauty. Can't wait to show it off to all of you when it's done. Here are some more in progress pics! Enjoy!!


Here's the cape all welded up


Here's the bottom of the onion head and the stainless flange….


This is the space that will be filled when I flare the collar to meet the bottom of the still head:


Lost more fitting work to attach the goose neck to the top of the still head...


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Yes, all hand formed. Regulated with an English wheel when possible. And of course a TIG welder. The metal is measured in ounces and I use 48oz, which translates to about 19g or .049". It's a bit hard to manipulate, but it makes for a solid still.

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I'd love to see more construction pictures, and the tools you use. Is that a shot bag I see in the picture of the swan neck? Your English wheel? Do you use an air powered planishing hammer? Such nice work!

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