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160 Gallon Jacketed Still for Sale

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We have upgraded to a larger still so we are selling our 160 gallon steam jacketed still that has both a copper goose neck with onion and a 4 plate copper column. Still also includes the dephlegamater, condenser and motor. The still was manufactured in China and has been in our production line for 1 year. Still will be ready for pick up the second week of February. If you are interested and come by before the first week of February you can see it in production.

Price: $17,500

Contact greg@8feathersdistillery.com for details. Serious Inquiries only.





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Our new still arrives Thursday Feb 5th. The still above will be available by Feb 9th. The column is 8" in diameter, the motor is a 4HP 3 phase 208V-230V for grain on distilling/stripping. Steam inlets are 1.5" for low velocity heating. Its a great whiskey still for a start-up distillery.

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Yes I am a member, Sorry about the price differences on the web site. We are updating everything now. If anyone sees any other issues please let us know. That is not one of our stills. That still is sold by a middle man named Gavin Zang on Alibaba . Gavin uses several different company names, but they are trading companies not factories. Gavin was on ADI a couple of years ago, but I think that he was removed. Be really careful doing business with Gavin Zang. His smaller columns seem to work fine but in the past people have had problems with his larger columns especially 12" and larger. The drain valves don't function properly in his larger plate columns and his plate design has issues. There is one Chinese company that does a pretty good job and they actually design their own equipment but their prices are about the same as mine. Be very careful about buying equipment directly from China. I do all of my own design work. I don't trust the Chinese and so the designs that I give them have 6 design flaws . So they build the stills for me as designed and then once the stills reach my facility here in MO we make 6 changes so that the stills will function properly. This way I am protected. If someone buys a still from a Chinese trading company like Abany and Abany has that still built from one of my designs then that still will not function properly.

Right now we are getting 2 orders per week on average for large equipment and we have supplied over 40 distilleries so far. If you are looking for a still email us at paul@distillery-equipment.com and we will send you our reference list. There are distilleries on the list that you can visit to see our equipment in action. The proof is in the pudding. Also check out our web site http://distillery-equipment.com

Sandee, I am sure that your little still works fine, and I don't think that you will have any problem selling it.

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