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geothermal and distillery application


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My advice is to contact a local HVAC/R contractor who has geothermal experience. The upside is efficiency and lower operating costs, but the capital cost may put it beyond reach. Horizontal holes in rock may or may not be the best approach. Having been a HVAC/R for 18 years in Florida, I could give you a lot of tips. But not knowing the geology, water source, and a million other details it would be a tough call on my part.

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If your land supports it, putting a below ground cistern to hold glycol mix may be easier, and provide the same effect.

I have a customer in MO who put a below ground poly cistern in and pipes the solution to a dry fluid cooler to recharge and another pump for the process and has run that way since the fall. I am waiting for him to ramp up production to see what the limits turn out to be and to gauge how long it will be until we have to add a chiller this summer ( South of St. Louis, gets hot in summer).

I know others have done heat pumps where the hot water circuit is used for heating buildings.

In colder climates up North, the idea is to run the dry cooler throughout the winter and at night during transitional periods and chiller the remainder of the time.

Let me know if I can get more info for you.


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