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1920's Haig & Haig

John D

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I had the GREAT pleasure of finding and Getting to have a drink of a Distilled in the late 20's bottled in the mid 30's Haig & Haig. I do not know how much of the time in the bottle played but it was the most full bodied, flavorful, complex and the taste was changing every few minuets. Then adding a drop of water was to much. Anyway I have been thinking about it everyday since last week. Was it the grains, water, oak, master distiller cuts no computers or no columns. We did a side by side with a new bottle it wasn't even close. I wish I could and I will try to make something that good. I have never been a big Scotch whisky snob but the bar has been set really high.

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I've always been skeptical about the claim that the whiskey stops aging after it's bottled. I doubt any cork or modern closure is 100% impermeable to oxygen, especially when you're talking about decades of exposure. Then you've still got compounds that can react non-oxidatively with each other, and then over the course of years you can't ignore how much ionizing radiation your whiskey is going to be bombarded with if you're not storing it in a lead box.

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