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Sherry Casks Coopers-Tonelería del Sur is a duly established family-based company in Montilla (Spain), since 1974. Skilled & specialized in barrels craft-making and ageing, we have been offering our own creations after almost half a century of craftsmanship. Besides our experience in the making of new casks, we have acquired over the years an extensive and proven experience in the in the wined casks and, more specifically, in the ex-Sherry barrels market.

The processing of our casks follows traditional methods. Wood, Iron and Fire are the fundamental raw materials for the elaboration of our casks. The process of a barrel elaboration has continued unchanged through the centuries, even if, nowadays, to the skilled hands of our artisans, new technical means have been incorporated to ensure an improved quality. We are proud suppliers of private connoisseurs & tasters, high-end independent bottlers, breweries, distilleries and other beverage producers into Scotland, England, USA, NL, Scandinavia, Japan, South America, India and more countries all around the world.

Our assets are:

1. Our quality-price ratio: Being makers, no additional mark-ups are included in the final price. With no intermediaries involved, prices are not unnecessarily raised up.

2. Extensive and proven experience in the ex-Sherry barrels market: we have been in the business for almost half a century

3. Our quality: We bet on quality as our primary objective, carrying a traceability scheme in our products and services, such as production, packing, transport and management. All that thanks to our current certification in Quality ISO 9001:2008. Our casks meet the public health criteria established by law. In addition, no sulphur is used in our process.

4. Our assortment:

We regularly work on four coopering lines:

1/ New oak not aged casks (new wood casks)

2/ New oak casks aged in sherry wine for a previously agreed period of time (aged new wood casks): The Time is on our side casks ageing project

3/ Ex-sherry (Oloroso, Fino, Amontillado or PX) casks reconditioned and improved according to our expertise. Also Ex-cognac, Ex- Porto and Ex-Madeira casks.

4/ Small formats, mainly available for whisky shops and private tasters

We can also arrange shipping.

About us and our making, kindly watch the links below plus some pictures attached:

Our making (Video):

Our making (Photographs):


Taking into account all the above, we believe we have much to offer to your company and would appreciate the opportunity to hopefully service your casks needs as a comprehensive response to fulfill your established clientele´s requirements. As a consequence, we would considerer a mutually beneficial supplying arrangement as the opportunity to work with you on what we are certain could be a conspicuously successful partnership. Please let us know about your coming needs. Surely we can give you a suitable offer.

For further info, do not hesitate to contact us in the reference below. Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Avda. Marqués de la Vega y Armijo, 110 ·14550 Montilla (Córdoba) Spain

Mobile: + 34 699 199 317

Tel: + 34 957 655 796 · Fax: + 34 957 656 290

Skype ID: exportsherrycasks

Website: www.sherrycasks.com

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