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The Pajama Factory in PA looking for a craft distiller!

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Hi all, This is Mark Winkelman, owner and developer of the Pajama Factory in Williamsport PA. As a growing destination in a delightful and vital small city — home of the Little League World Series — we think we have a great location for a craft whiskey still in our expanding creative community and we are starting a serious search for the right distiller/operator. Check us out at www.pajamafactory.net and get in touch.

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Hi Sous Chef,

Thanks for the notes. I need to go visit Mountain Top and try some of their fruitshine/moonshine. But I suspect there is room in this small city for a true artisanal aged whiskey distiller which is what we are looking for.

And I am just beginning the learning curve on all of the requirements. The Pajama Factory complex consists of 8 individual buildings so if we needed to we could separate off one of them for the distiller. Do you have any idea where I might find out about federal requirements?

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