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Craftsman Copper still update


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We're in the home stretch here. The still head is done. The CIP ports are all in. The boiler base and cape are all joined. The 16" manway is installed. The lyne arm attachment flange is connected to the goose neck and the lyne arm has its flanges installed. Moving on to the condenser and then the final clean up this week. Should be done in no time at all! And remember, if you're in the market for a customized, hand made in the USA, all copper, TIG welded still, you can give me a call or send me an email or an IM on here! Thanks ADI! And now to the photos...











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Are there any pictures of your metalwork as you are forming? Do you use an English wheel or planishing hammer?

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No planishing hammer. Everything is hand hammered to shape. English wheel to smooth out the hand forging. Rarely take pics of forming in process, since it's usually just me and my apprentice in the shop, and we've generally got our hands full!

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