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Hello from the Firewater Network

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Hello ADI,

As a long time reader of these boards, I wanted to finally contribute something to all the members who make this community so vibrant. Here it is: The Firewater Network.

The Firewater Network is a site dedicated to the very people in these forums - craft distillers, aspiring distillery owners, vendors, and craft spirit enthusiasts. We interview craft distillers from across the United States (and soon, the world) and create profiles and podcasts about them. We ask key business questions around starting up a distillery - why start a distillery, how to differentiate your product in a crowded marketplace, what went into bottle, name, label design, and much more. We also ask for words of wisdom that distillers can share with those still waiting to fire up their still for the first time. I those on this forum will find our interviews interesting and valuable.

We are now moving into new kinds of interviews that will be released soon. We are starting to speak with the bar managers who make the decisions about whether your product gets in front of the consumer. Additionally, we are speaking with brand managers and label designers to get their words of wisdom and a better understanding about the value they bring to a craft distillery.

We are always seeking feedback on our podcasts. We want to make sure we are asking the relevant questions. Let us know if there's something we aren't covering. Also, let us know of any distilleries you would like to see profiled. We are constantly traveling, meeting new distillers, and trying to add to the knowledge that is out there in the craft distilling world.

Our website is at: www.firewaternetwork.com. Our podcasts are available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and most podcast apps (just search for Firewater Network).

It is so great to be a part of this community and to have the opportunity to meet so many people who are making this industry strong, diverse, and amazing.

Cheers everyone!

Zachary Farley

The Firewater Network

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Just binged through the backlog of of Firewater Network interviews this week. GREAT STUFF.

These are required listening for anyone getting into the craft spirits business. So much good advice.

Great job Zach.

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At this point. I've listened to all but the latest podcast and I must say that as a newbie, these are a must listen. It certainly gives you a variety of information and shows the uniqueness behind each craft distillery and their products.

Hats off to guys/gals at Firewater Network.

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