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How to Cucumber


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I macerate and pull botanicals before charging, but...

if using english cukes that are shrink wrapped and not waxed, don't bother peeling.

If using any kind of cucumber that is wax coated, definitely peel before using.

Not sure if any waxes from the skins will get picked up by the vapor when in a basket, but they will most likely melt off onto the bottom of your basket at the very least... so again, don't use anything that has been waxed (although the cheaper 'standard variety' do have natural plant wax in their skins).

The cheaper cukes also have a fair degree of bitterness in their skins, so peeling is probably a good way to go when using them period.

Basically, using english cukes will avoid most problems, and they have the most flavor.

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I bottle my Gin at 45% abv. I like the London Dry style and mostly do a maceration; strain then re-distill.

I have other macerations of single "herbs" that are bottled at 45% . . . including cucumber.

It's these "other" macerations I add to my main product-line to adjust the flavour.

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