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Shipping Costs for Distributors


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Hey All,

We are estimating the shipping costs for our COGS. We have heard prices of anywhere between $5 a case to $15 a case and up (assuming 6 bottle cases). We are a destination-based tasting room distillery and will likely be focusing most of our sales within the county and state for the first several years. We are targeting a small to medium scale distributor in a non-control state.

Does anyone have any estimates that they would care to share with us?


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Impossible to answer because it depends where you are and where you are shipping. That said, $15 sounds crazy high and $5 much more reasonable. I think they have a tendency to inflate this number too. I have heard $4.5 from my only out of state distributor. At the end of the day, your FOB is what it is. You can move it to hit certain price targets in the area you are entering but I have gotten the question a few times what is your FOB in your local market.

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Interesting Points. Thanks for your help Jeff and Teton. I thought $15 was high as well considering we are in a relatively large city located at the hub of 3 major interstate highways. Could be the building location and the lift gate necessity.

Thanks for your help.

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