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Website Design & Use Rules, Laws etc.?

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Can anyone point us to any rules or laws that exist on either the state or federal level pertaining to one's design and use of a website to promote one's distilled spirit products.

I've seen several landing pages requiring date of birth verification, and so I'd really like to see the actual codes pertaining to this for better clarification of what is OK information/graphics to display and what is not.

And a question about distillers' blogs, which are technically public ~ where might one get into trouble and how might one avoid doing so in the first place?

What have you heard or learned (or been slapped with a warning or fine for doing)?

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This isn't a bad place to start. According to the Bureau, a website is just advertising and is subject to the same limitations as other media. It would also be good to make the BAM (Beverage Alcohol Manual) your favorite book for a while.

As far as I know, the age verification landing pages are voluntary, but a wise legal choice. I'm looking for a script that will work with my architecture.

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Shortly after we began selling our first product we received a warning letter from the TTB regarding our website. We didn't have the "mandatory" info on our site. This includes the statement similar to your bottle that shows ABV and distillery name and location. Of course we quickly corrected this. I would add this to your blog as well if you talk about your products.

We do not have an age statement at the entrance to our site, and I am not aware of any requirement for one, highly doubt they do anything to minimize underage drinking, doubt it would protect you in a lawsuit, plus I personally find them rather annoying (but when I encounter them I was born JAN 1 1903). I'm guessing this may have come from DISCUS code of responsible practices- yup, just verified it, item #10 in this document- http://www.discus.org/pdf/61332_DISCUS.pdf

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