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Greeting from North Carolina - Southern Grace Distilleries

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Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you! We have been members of ADI for the better part of a year and have learned so much from the ADI community. This forum is great!

Southern Grace Distilleries, Inc. is based in Concord, NC. We started the TTB licensing in January 2014 and completed in September 2014. Now with our label approvals, we are in full production mode and should have product on ABC store shelves by mid-Feb 2015.

I'm running a 120 gallon SS pot still with elect heating elements that I built with a thumper. It's not much to look at, but it gets the job done. We are currently looking at adding an additional still to our operation. We are a rag-tag team just trying to take a stab at the liquor business!

Check out our website for more information: www.SouthernGraceDistillieries.com

Again, thank you all for the support and knowledge. I hope I can be of assistance one day!


Perry Morris


Perry Morris


Southern Grace Distilleries, Inc

Concord, NC


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I lived in Charlotte a while back and remember driving around the area on sales trips.

Should you need any chilled water/glycol systems when you expand, please keep me in mind.

I fellow I used to work with there is with a refrigeration contractor in the area, should you need a contractor. He is a great guy and super clever at installations for chilled water systems having to lay them out for the company we worked for.

Mike Gronski

MG Thermal Consulting

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