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Hello from the Gulf Coast of Florida ( CLWR-StPete )

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Hello Everyone!

I have been reading the boards for a long time. We are also in the start up stage but have been blessed by connecting with another Craft Distiller to guide us along this path. I will be attending the 2015 Conv/Expo in Louisville, KY and hope to gain further information.

Currently we have our location selected, (not purchased yet) and are sending in the contractors for bids, most of the other items and plans are in place.

We want to build this as a destination for the visitors of the Tampa Bay and Gulf Beaches to visit, to learn about the craft and walk away with an experience they can't find in every city. We are taking on more than the distillery alone by building a restaurant as well. We want to keep the locals returning and will offer events on the open grounds. Car Night, Bike Night, Bands and much more.

We dream big, why not, life is one time and this gal isn't getting any younger.....

CHEERS - Ronda

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