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Aspiring Distiller Finding Customers

Cole Train

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Before I start trying to acquire distilling equipment, since it is very expensive. I have been trying to find the customer segment that I could market to within my area. Since without customers there will not be a company.

I am looking for as much advice so when I become educated enough to start distilling I will have customers waiting to be sold to.

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This is one of those "what comes first, the chicken or the egg" questions.

Do you have a real marketing budget?

Do you plan to keep your day job?

Do you have any production back ground at all?

If not experienced, will you hire an outfit to execute your vision?

How much time have you spent trying to identify potential market?

The reality for many taking this path is that the equipment is not at all so expensive compared to all of the remaining needs.


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You really can't have customers until you produce a product. You can put feelers out and see what the interest is and do they support craft producers. Put together some mock ups and branding, go around and ask for feedback. Once your producing a product your going have to find a distributor willing to take your product. Set aside a marketing budget, your generally at the mercy of the distributor to place he product. Once they place the product get ready to spend your profits in helping the retailer sell the product. Unless you can sell from your distillery your going to have to raise brand awareness which takes hard work and capital.

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Thank you for the comments

Here are the issues thus far,,,, I am a Graduate student with little capital... with issues finding my niche market with out getting the permits and starting to experiment. I agree yes without starting you will never truly know however i need to be started in the right direction 1st. As for education I have read many books watched videos and tried to understand the TTBs website as to what I need to do this correctly and trying to read the TTBs pages is the hardest thing i have done so far. I am a education major and my professor and I are trying to set up an educational internship to get the ball rolling.

Again Thank you all for the posts

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