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conveyor for milled grain


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Hello! We are looking for a simple, portable (or at least easily moveable) auger or conveyor to move milled grain into our mashing vessel. So far, we have been feeding it manually, but in addition to being a pain, it also requires 2 people to accomplish. We have a quote from an ag company for a 4 inch, 11 foot long utility auger, but while this machine is not too expensive, it seems like overkill for our needs. Any suggestions for a simple way to move 600 to 700 pounds of milled grain (coarse flour consistency) at a relatively low rate would be greatly appreciated. TIA, John

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Overkill but those things are downright cheap. Flex augers nice, but much more expensive.

I-Beam Trolley, Hoist, and a Hopper? But, you'd need to be lucky enough to have placed your mash tun under an i-beam for that to work.

Saw a hammer mill once that had a blower and hose to move grain. That seemed a bit dangerous and potentially messy. Would be hilarious if the output hose disconnected accidentally.

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Regarding your milled grain conveying question - though this blog "Brewing & Distilling - What are the Best Conveyor Options" could be helpful for anyone else looking to evaluate this type of equipment. It can be a challenge for smaller craft breweries to find the right fit since they use batch production methods, and to find a conveyor that can fit in such a small space. 

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