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Process water filtration


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I'm looking for some advice for water treatment.

So our water is really high quality for brewing and just a simple carbon filter would suffice to remove chlorine i believe. the water profile is notorious for it's quality and lack of unwanted minerals. I was planning on using carbon filtered water up to dilution and just get a small RO system for that.

Am I missing something completely obvious?

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I would verify that your muni water company does in fact use chlorine and not chloramine to disinfect. Our water company uses the latter twice a year. You can (we do) treat with potassium metabisulphite to get rid of both. More info than you ever wanted to know here. As for dilution RO water, get the largest / fastest system that's in your budget.

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Wouldn't an RO system filter out the chloromine or chlorine as its contains activated carbon?

Do you add the potassium to each mash prior to the addition of your grains?

Do you do anything for particulates in your water?

I will be using muni water from a rather large suburban area and these questions have been haunting me for some time.

Thank you in advance.

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