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Anchor Hocking - Stockholm Bottle


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Does anyone have recommendations for T-tops for the Anchor Hocking Stockholm bottle? We use this bottle for some of our products and are having a hard time finding a t-top that fits well. We are having issues with the T-tops we currently use and are trying to find alternative tops from the same supplier that may fit better. We get a nice tight fit on the intial seal but after the initial seal is broken, about half the bottle tops will not stay down once pushed down. They slide back up about a 1/4 inch or so.

We are open to natural or synthetic for the cork and open to wood or plastic for the cap.

This is essentially the size we need:

Cork Diameter 22.5 MM

Cap Diameter 34MM

I suspect we'll need to just do a lot of trial and error but figured we would see if anyone is using the same bottle.


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Tapi artificial should work, but that size sounds a touch large. Also check if the bottle is in spec for verticality of internal sidewalls of the neck. If it is not perfectly straight, you could get the problem you describe.

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Try contacting Brad at Amorim he's the best Bar Top guy in the country.

Amorim is also the biggest producer / supplier of cork in the world!!!


Amorim Cork America, Inc

360 Devlin Road

Napa, CA. 94558

414-719-2390 cell

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