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Wormwood and other absinthe type herbs for sale

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Our Absinthe Herb farm is finally established here in Colorado and this year we had an excess that I would be willing to sell.

According to our partner in the farm, who happens to be a phd. plant biologist, the mile high elevation and dry climate forces the herbs to produce more aromatics. Whatever the case, these herbs are meticulously grown and taste and look SPECTACULAR!

Our Grande Wormwood plot was established 6 years ago and I could spare about 100lbs (stripped weight) annually. This Grande Wormwood is super aromatic and almost sweet- not the bitter harsh stuff you sometimes get from France (sorry France, blame it on climate change).

Our Lemon balm has come in strong too, I have a few lbs to spare and I will have excess next year. If you are sick of the typical minced brown lemon balm you get from bulk suppliers you will be blown away by this vivid green full leaf herb the way it was meant to be harvested.

Petite and hyssop are taking a little longer to get established but as long as they keep doing well I should have excess of those by harvest season.

These herbs have all been grown organically (we just don't have the cert yet).

Private message me if you are interested- I feel bad stock piling all these amazing herbs!

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