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Inventory management system?


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We are starting to have too many moving pieces in our tasting room and elsewhere.

What are you guys using for inventory management tracking?

There are really two different types of inventory I think we should track. There is the retail side of the business with the tasting room and all of the various products sold through there.

Then there is also the manufacturing side of the distillery where we need to track all of the misc aspects of the materials that go into the products that we make.

What is your system for all of this?


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Whiskey Systems to track the spirits and then for your retail (hats, t-shirts, glasses, liquor removed from bond for retail sale) try either a Square or Clover POS system.

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We're using Whiskey Systems for liquor and QB Online along with Square for our point-of-purchase.

This is the same setup I plan on using as well.

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Going online in the next month or so here. If it means anything we're going to use whiskey systems for backend/production and QB online with square POS for the rest. Seems to be the go-to option with most other distilleries here. Don (provider of whiskey systems) is great to work with and very helpful.

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