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Engraving in Maine

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Jake Daniele and I run an engraving business in Freeport, Maine.

I'm a few years out of College and I have an interest in the Distillery Business.

I've taken my interest and tried to make a product to benefit all of you. We sandcarve rocks glasses (among others-Libbey brand) with Distillery logos providing a quality representation of your quality product. Engraved glass offers a high class feel and is a permanent marking unlike print on alternatives.

I look forward to learning from and hopefully working with all of you!

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Welcome. Awesome you have pricing on your website for your items. Most people don't and its an immediate turn off for me (as long as its stock and not custom). I just spent over 6 digits on equipment due to their upfront pricing and ability for me to form a proper budget on some equipment without having to pick up a phone until I was ready. Good for you.

Send me a PM. I'm interested in 200 glasses. Thanks.



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