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getting bond


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i hope i have chosen the right topic in the forums.

i am very familiar with distilling, did it a and was around it when i was younger. i want to start up a artisan distillery.

my plan is to only make less then 20 gallons of black berry brandy a year, plus i have no intention of selling it. i will gladly pay the feds their tax. i have started the application process. but, the bond issue is unclear to me.

i can do the llc and not sure the amount of bond i should post and where.

thanks for all your help.

i guess its a mute point since florida says i must pay 4,000$ for the licence. when a atf 11,000$ bond for 110-330$ would have had me in the game. if anyone has any helpfull suggestions i look forward to them. oh, hum...

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