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Grand Teton Hybrid Potstill for Sale

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Thanks to a last minute problem with my building, I have two stills for sale. This listing is for the 500 Gallon Hybrid Pot Still that is sold by Grand Teton Vodka Distillers. It is the same equipment that they use to produce their award winning Potato Vodka.

It lists for $32,900 and usually takes 12 weeks to produce and deliver. This one is at the Distillery in Driggs , Idaho and available for immediate shipment.


This is the link to the equipment listing:


The measured schematic is attached to this listing.

The still is unused and available for immediate installation. This is a great option to establish a new distillery, or to add to your existing capacity. Check the other listings for the high efficiency column still. The stills can be sold separately, or as a set.

Offers considered.

Call Doug McElroy (248-790-8773) for questions or additional information.

Pot still-2000L (1) (1).pdf

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Here is some additional information from Grand Teton about the 500 gallon short packed column stripping/whiskey still.

This is version 2 of our very own design (has our full list of of upgrades from our very first tester model installed and used every day @ Grand Teton Distillery)

Spherical 500 gallon steam jacketed pot with 220v direct drive dual paddle agitation arm.

Copper onion topper

1.5 M (4'11") copper column - stainless steel mesh packed .

plenty of copper in this design to insure vapor/copper contact to minimize sulfur compounds

Short all stainless steel dephlegmator cap 9/16" water lines with 1.5" triclamp connection - Small size to insure height limited installs are a breeze/ more than enough surface area to insure proper reflux to keep your packing saturated for compressed ethanol condensate production.

3 inch diameter lyne arm with 64" center to center throw- large diameter to keep vapor speed low- shorter throw to keep from lossing valuable floor space in your distillery 3" triclamp connections allow you to place the condenser anywhere in a 360 degree arc around the still.

Large 20 inch diameter shotgun style condenser (1 inch water lines) to insure quick cooling for stripping runs with fast output. 60-110 L/H (15-29 GPH) *depending on cooling availability. 1.5" triclamp outlet so you can install the custom parrot that fits your needs.

14 foot total height assembled. We do suggest the still/condenser are mounted on a small 3-4" platform to ease drain connections both for condensate return lines on steam and spent wash drain valve.

Our 45 degree pleated stainless steel mesh packing has a great heat exchange potential per foot without the extremely turbulent heat exchange experienced with a plated/bubble cap system. We believe that allows more flavors,oils - (Congeners) to make their way into your final product for bold taste that people look for in a craft product.

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