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Shout out for Conference Presenters

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Any conference presenters on the forums want to give a teaser and a shout out?

I'm excited to be teaching Monthly TTB Reporting and Compliance again this year. I've really jazzed up the presentation this year. Please come and join the class on Wednesday, April 1 at the 11am slot.

Also come by and say hi and get a demo of Whiskey Systems Online at the Vendor Booths. I'll be hanging with the Artisan Still Design team at booth 426!

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Absolutely, thanks for the invite! I cannot wait to see everyone in KY. I will be doing a presentation on Wednesday at 4pm entitled, Insurance: What you know, don’t know, need to know. Not to mention I will have a big booth across from one of the lounges (as we are a Platinum Sponsor this year) along with all of the members of the Spirits Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) and we will all be on hand to answer questions pertaining to anything related to Insurance and bonding; branding, packaging design, marketing; CPA and planning; Legal and alcohol compliance; and TTB, I.R.C/F.A.A.A. Stop by and see all of us at booth # 326. We look forward to seeing you and in the meantime check out our “splash page” website at http://spiritsadvisorygroup.com/ . See you in KY!

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