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Pump Identification


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Hi all,

This is my first post on this forum. I'm looking for some help identifying a Liverani pump, which has been sitting around this distillery longer than I have. Any pump experts on here? I know that it is one direction/speed, there is no on/off (we use the breaker), and that all of the specs are in Italian. It's 208v/60 hz, rpm:1750, and the in/outlets are 1"1/2. Someone suggested that it's part of Liverani's EP series, but I can't find one that matches in appearance or specs. There are some codes on it as well, but they haven't helped me identify it ("comessa": 0078140 12). I've attached a picture. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



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Can you take apart the stainless part and take a picture of what's inside? It could be a centrifugal pump.

Don't use the breaker, that (eventually) kills the breaker. Have a qualified person add a motor-rated switch!

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Hey, thanks for your response. I do think it's a centrifugal pump. Thus far, I haven't been able to take it apart beyond the stainless steel plate (it looks like it would require complete disassembly starting from the other end). I'll attach a picture. It's broken, and I'm trying to identify the model because I want to figure out where to send it or, better yet, repair it myself--seems like maybe a gasket went; it leaks and has a slow flow rate. Thanks again!



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is it broke?

it is 3 phase, control the speed, and direction with a VFD. you can get them cheap, $200.

It looks like a centrifuge pump from the inside, but a FIP pump form the out side. is there a hole or intake in the center of the housing, the plate that covers the impeller?

what are you trying to do with it?

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That is called a liquid ring pump. They are similar to a centrifugal pump but because it has the closed ring impeller it will re-prime itself and draw a very powerful suction even with air in the line. They are used for CIP return pumps because they will suck the tank dry and not lose their prime like a standard centrifugal pump.

As a centrifugal pump goes they are not very efficient and you wouldn't want to use one to pump mash but they are expensive and untouchable for CIP return.

Let me know if you need more information on it.

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