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Colorado to get Distillery Pubs


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Under the proposed law, a distillery pub would have to make 15 percent of its money on-site from selling food.
The bill would also impose a cap of 5,000 cases of liquor produced on-site each year and a cap of 300 cases that can be sold on-site as wholesale.


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Would have preferred something more inline with the bill that New Mexico has in the works (maybe already passed?) which allows for tasting room sales of any/all New Mexico originating libations. I'd love to offer one rotating colorado craft beer on tap, and mix up a manhattan made with vermouth from the winery down the road. Shoot, I'd love to be able to pour a sample of a neighboring distilleries whiskey so to encourage folks to visit their tasting room as well. Getting into the restaurant business to do so... pass.

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Does anybody know when the governor will sign this into law? Will it happen in 2015?

Should. It was approved by the senate and sent to Hickenlooper for signature last week.

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