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I had a few questions with the monthly TTB reports:

I am a little confused on where to document bulk spirits before they are made into gin. We make vodka first which goes from our production account and then gets deposited into our storage account before bottling.

When we need to make some gin we take some of the vodka from our storage tank and then redistill it into gin.

Do we show the spirits coming from our storage account back to production for redistillation? How would you show that on the production reports? If that is the case what happens when you make some of your cuts when you redistill it to make gin? You could technically be left with less proof gallons in the end.

Or do you keep the gin completely separate from the vodka storage tank and it still is technically in the production account until it is made in gin?

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Also I am a little confused on Part IV of the processing worksheet?? Can someone clarify when you would use this section and what the different sections mean:

Bulk spirits dumped into processing

Bottled - imported

Bottled (excluded bottled in bond and export)

Bottled in bond (exclude export)

Bottled for export

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If you are at the ADI conference, definitely stop by the TTB Monthly Reporting Class (Wed 11am). I will be going over Processing Part 4 in detail.

In short, you will probably only be using column B and D. Column B is a break out by spirit type of the PG received into Processsing (from Line 2). Column D is in WINE GALLONS and a break out by spirit type of what you bottled that month. Remember No Decimals in this section (whole numbers only).

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