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Grain in Distillation


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Looking to buy one of those mile high flute stills for some R&D purposes.

Only concern I have is direct coil heating for grain in distillation. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Will likely have agitation but am still very concerned for scorching on the coil.

Thanks everyone

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Hi Greenfield,

If you have heating elements in the mash with grain in, then it will scorch. However we may have a solution for you. We have some 26 gallon and 53 gallon boilers that I can build an oil bath heating system into. The oil bath on those would just be in the bottom so there would be no jacket on the sides. The heat up time would be a little slow but they will do the job without the worry of scorching. I also have some much nicer plate columns than mile hi at a better price. If you are interested email me paul@distillery-equipment.com or call 417-778-6100

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there are several smaller manufacturers that build Bain Marie heating systems, its a little more cost than the direct heat kettles, but it will save you a lot of work and waste trying to direct heat a grain in mash.

I had Dehner build my still as Bain Marie. I haven't been able to fire it up yet (waiting on state approval) so I can't say yet how well it works but I'm guessing it should make my life much easier than running a direct element still.

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