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For Sale: 750ml Moonea bartop bottles 19 pallets: $19,000

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750ml Moonea bartop bottlesI am selling 19 pallets (19,019 btls) of 750ml Moonea bartop bottles. These are extremely high quality French glass, the bottle type is Moonea, they are the 'bartop' type so they are made for corks or toppers.  The bottles are still in sealed pallets, completely new, with no labeling.19 pallets of these Moonea bottles at 1,001 bottles per pallet.  I am asking $19,000 for all the bottles, $1000 a pallet.  When I posted this previously, I was selling them for $26,000.  So much savings!  I will also include a partial box of wooden toppers, in which there are a over one thousand... which are perfect to  start you off.  Also included are a partial pallet of Moonea bottles, there are around 500 in it.  So you get more than just the 19 pallets, there will be 20 pallets in the shipment... a full truck load (FTL), which also is cheaper to ship.Note: all bottles are intact, never dropped, they have been stored and high quality.  I am selling them, because we decided to use different packaging.Please note, I only prefer to sell all of the bottles and within the US.  I also expect the buyer to pay shipping.  We are located in Denver, CO.With inquiries, please respond to get a reply, thank you

****Note, these were previously listed here: http://adiforums.com/index.php?showtopic=5528&hl= where there are PHOTOS too.

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I am very, very interested.

Are you sure you have the price right???

Thats $1.00 per bottle. seems very high for that many, plus there are NO BOXES. I can buy USA glass in the same design for .90 a bottle and I can have my name molded into the bottle for the same .90 , WITH BOXES.

Please check your price and get back to me.

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These are not my bottles and I am not affiliated in any way with the seller, that being said I think that $1 is a very good price for these. the Moonea bottle is French and a very good quality the cheapest price I was able to find for 15k bottles was $2.15 a bottle last year. If we had decided to use this style bottle I would have snatched these up a while ago!

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