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ADI's Hands-on Whiskey Distilling Workshop

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ADI's Hands-on Whiskey Distilling Workshop

July 12 – 17, 2009 Tuition ………………………………………………… $ 3,500

Tuition includes a five night stay at the Metro Hotel in Petaluma, CA (one block from Stillwater Spirits) and all meals, we have a good cook for the week.

· Lead instructor Eric Watson will cover brewing, distilling and maturation

· Tour Germain-Robin, Jepson Winery & Distillery & barrel maker ReCoop

· Visit St. George Spirits Distillery & San Francisco's finest whiskey bars

· Learn how to operate a pot still and a five-plate Christian Carl Still

· Daily whiskey, bourbon & moonshine tastings

· Proofing session

· Hands-on bottling experience

· Legal session on how to obtain a DSP

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I attended this workshop last Dec., and had a woderful experience. It would stand alone as a vacation, wonderful food, an insiders view of breweries, distilleries, and wineries, and a whiskey bar tour of San Fransisco. But more importantly the workshop was invaluble for the information I was able to pick up.

I had struggled for a year to come up with a plan, with little sucess, but after my week in Califonia I had recipes, batch size, technique, and equipment size. I now have my permit applied for, my still and most of my equipment on hand, and my building under costuction.

I would reccomend if you attend that you do time studies on every procedure, not just the running of the still. While your equipment will be different this will give you a baseline for comparrison. There will be a lot of knowledge there, so ask lots of questions.

Good Luck

Mick Heston


D.B.A. Pinchgut Hollow Distillery

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