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Definitive suggestions for mash pump


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I'm seeking a definitive suggestion for what style, brand and model everyone uses for mash pumps. I've bounced around between flexible impeller, lobe and even a huge pneumatic dual diaphragm. Can I get some clear suggestions from the professional crowd here!? I would be greatly appreciative.

We're moving mostly corn and high-rye (read: thick) mashes. I'm thinking a minimum of 2" but if someone has any suggestions on that i'm all ears.

BTW, we should have our DSP by weeks end! ("should")

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Everyone recommends US FIP and theie product did look good at ADI this year but I think I am going to try my hand with all air pumps other than a 3hp centrfugial for CIP I picked up off ebay for $600 ( got a double diaphragm pump for moving spirits, https://store.tcwequipment.com/products/flojet-g70-explosion-proof-air-diaphragm-pump , and now am about to pull the trigger on a 2'' outlet double diaphragm pump like this one, http://www.ebay.com/itm/ARO-2-Cast-Iron-Santo-Pump-PD20A-ACP-AAA-B-/111513954800?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19f6bfe9f0 . Some people have indicated that thicker mashes may have trouble in air driven pumps but others have told me it will be fine with a 2'' outlet. It will require one large compressor but used I can find a 30-50hp one for a good price.

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